Church Maintenance Needs

Fencing around HVAC units
All materials provided by the church. Tools required: post hole shovel.
(1) Dismantle entire fence and remove existing posts from ground.
(2) Dig holes 2 feet deep, at 8-foot centers on all sides of HVAC units.
(3) Place 4x4x8 foot posts into holes, level, and pour into hole 1 bag of fast setting concrete mix. Add water and backfill.
(4) Re-attach or replace fencing as required. (level and secure)
(5) Paint as needed with Dark Green Latex Ext Paint.
(6) if necessary, church will supply new fencing. Also, be advised there are two HVAC units that require fence work.

Painting the archway over the outside Summer church podium.
(1) Scrape and remove all peeling and blistering paint.
(2) Resurface with a coat of Dark Green paint supplied by church.
(3) The church will supply the appropriate ladder, brushes and ground cover tarps. Church will provide brush cleaning supplies along with paint.

Concrete sidewalk extension behind the outdoor podium along the outside wall of the church office
(1) Dig and remove to level ground approximately 4" deep by 24" wide by 6' length.
(2) Construct a wooden frame in the graded area. Place reinforcing mesh into area to be filled. Mix concrete, pour, and smooth to a level surface.
(3) Remove frame when concrete has set up, and finish around edges with soil.
(4) Church will provide all materials and supervision of project until completed.