Walker Bag Instructions

            2 Pieces of coordinating fabric, 18” by WOF (usually about 41”)
            Fusible fleece to fit. If you use regular fleece or batting, you will have to quilt it.
             1 Yd grosgrain ribbon, cut into (4) 9” cuts OR Velcro. I have also used bias tape.

          • Cut fabric to 18” by Width of Fabric (removing selvages). Measure length.
          • Cut Fusible fleece to same dimensions as fabric.
          • Fuse fleece to back of one rectangle piece of fabric.
          • Leaving an opening for turning, sew the 2 rectangles of fabric, right sides together, on all sides.
          • Turn right-side-out through opening. Press. Topstitch all around about 1/8 inch from edge.
          • Turn up each short end 8”, inserting ribbon on all 4 sides, about 1/2” from the top edge.
          • Sew the edges of one of the turned-up sections, forming a large pocket and securing ribbon. If using Velcro, position in same location as prescribed for ribbon and sew on back sides near edge.
          • Repeat on the other turned-up section.
          • Sew one or two lines of stitching from fold to top of pockets, dividing one large pocket into two or more smaller sections. (Such as 6” and 10” segments).
          • Leave the other pocket full size.